5 Spots To See In Papua New Guinea: The Untouched Paradise

Papua New Guinea Paradise

Papua New Guinea Paradise

Papua New Guinea consists of several islands to the north of Australia. This region was once one of the least traveled spots on the planet. In recent years, the travelling world has taken notice of its pristine conditions and low tourist numbers. For those of you fortunate enough to visit, be certain to see these spots during your stay.

Stay in the Home of a Tribal Village

Witnessing life inside a regional tribal community will be unlike anything else you have ever experienced. The Sepik River region is home to some of the most culturally rich native tribes in the world today. A few villages in the region have chosen to embrace a few fortunate travellers at a time. Such travellers will be able to spend the night in one of their family homes. The home is temporarily furnished and the home rests above ground on stilts. You will be able to fish and dine with the tribespeople during your stay.

The Surf in the Northwest

A secret spot exists near Vanimo where the surf barrels day and night and the only people around for ages are a few local kids with their self-made surfboards. This region is said to be as good as any of the top surf spots in Indonesia and Tahiti. It is important to note that laws are in place to restrict the number of surfers allowed in the water at any one time. You will also need to bring your own equipment to be able to enjoy these pristine waves.

Climb Active Volcanoes in the East

The Tavurvur and Vulcan volcanoes last erupted in 1994. Professional guides speak with the volcano observatory prior to leaving for any day trip. Along the way, each group will be able to stop and bath in geothermal hot springs and explore any of the six active volcanoes in the region.

Milne Bay Skull Caves

The caves, near Alotau, have only been open to visitors in recent years. These caves were once used to store the heads of important people. It is said that these people were buried upright with their heads above ground and covered by a clay pot. Eventually, the heads would disconnect and the pots moved to the sacred caves. Excursions to the caves also include additional must-see and must-do activities such as swimming underneath stunning waterfalls.

Bird Watching

Bird watching in Papua New Guinea is far from the image you may have conjured of an English granddad strolling through the countryside with his giant binoculars, even larger spectacles and wellies up to his knees. The birds of this country are exotic and vary from region to region. Of all of the 700 bird species in the region, the must-see bird is the Huli Wigmen. No trip to the islands will be complete without spotting one.

It is still an ideal time to visit Papua New Guinea before the masses learn of the region’s charm and offerings. Be certain to plan enough time to see and do everything on the list above. Finally, always be sure to take out travel cover before you leave home, especially when travelling in relatively undeveloped countries such as PNG.

– Written by James Greenshaw

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