Belgrade: Rich in European History

Belgrade is known to be the ancient city enriched with Vinča cultures. It is the is the capital and largest city of Serbia which is located by the Sava and Danube rivers. In English, the literal translation of Belgrade is ‘White City‘.

Belgrade is one of the prehistoric city in Europe and because of that, it is known for different popular museums highlighting the country’s heritage. It hosts several cultural events yearly such as FEST (Belgrade Film Festival), BITEF (Belgrade Theatre Festival), BELEF (Belgrade Summer Festival), BEMUS (Belgrade Music Festival), Belgrade Book Fair, and the Belgrade Beer Fest. There are also foreign cultural institutions that can be found in the city including Spanish Instituto Cervantes, German Goethe-Institut and French Centre Culturel Français.

The National Museum in Belgrade was founded in 1844 housing multiple paintings, drawings and other exhibits. Aside from that, there are different popular museums that attract tourists. They have Ethnographic Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Military Museum, Museum of Aviation in Belgrade and more while some museums are named after inventors and artists.

The premier attraction in Belgrade are the historic areas and architectural buildings. This is the reason why tourists look for apartment services in the nearby places. Among the crowd’s favorites are National Theatre Students’ Square, the Kalemegdan Fortress, the Church of Saint Sava, the hilltop Avala Monument and the Old Palace. For a breath-taking overview of the city, the hilltop Avala Monument is the perfect place to visit. There are also beautiful parks, historic monuments, popular cafes and restaurants by the riverside. For nature lovers, Josip Broz Tito’s mausoleum or The House of Flowers (Kuća Cveća) will definitely bring great joy!

The Church of Saint Sava at night

Night view of the Church of Saint Sava (Image source: Wikipedia)

Beach babes and sporty guys on the other hand can find the Ada Ciganlija as a thrilling venture. It used ot be an island by the Sava River but now it is the biggest sports and recreational complex in Belgrade. Aside from clubbing and night parties, extreme sports such as bungee jumping and water skiing are also available in the sports complex.

The best way to enjoy the rewards of the city if you are in a quick tour or just backpacking is to book short term rentals in Belgrade. This way, even if you’re visiting for a business trip, you can have the time to explore the vibrant night life and a historic day tour without spending too much on expensive hotels.

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