Best Travel Destinations This 2018

The year has already began but there’s so many things to look forward to such as where to book for the upcoming warmer days. Despite the fresh start, planning out your next trip is not a bad way to enjoy the new year. It opens a lot of opportunities and events to look forward to and thus there may be some places that would be quite appealing to go to for this year.

If you want to get a summer getaway, here are some places you can appreciate for this year:

  • Portugal is one of the best countries to travel to. With its rich culture and having a share of the Spanish design, Portugal has a lot to boast aside from the famous names of soccer players. Portugal has a wide set of newly established museums that showcase a lot of their culture in various forms of art. If you want your share of sprawling blue beaches, this country has over 300 beaches that earned a Blue Flag rating. With culture, art and gorgeous beaches to get into, what’s stopping you from going to Portugal?

New Zealand Travel

  • New Zealand is a great escape from the heat. If you’re planning to go during the warmer months of your country, you’re going to be surprised at how cold New Zealand is going to be. Winter happens during the summer months of America so if you want to linger in a much cooler climate, New Zealand is a place to explore. Not to mention, this country is the set of the famed Lord of the Rings series. You can even visit Hobbiton if you’re a fan while admiring the lush greenery that New Zealand must offer.
  • If you want a Mediterranean taste for your trip, Malta is a great country to visit. This country is Europe’s hotspot for various cultures and boast a lot of scenery one can bask in. If you’d like a walk down memory lane and enjoying the rich architecture of the past, Malta is a place that you should visit for your next plane ticket.
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