Discover the Historic City of Valencia

Valencia is a historical old city that is actually the capital of the Valencia region and is known for its architectural wonders and its great sense of culture as the area is a mix of Catalonian and Valencia spirit. It is the third largest city in Spain and sits directly on the Mediterranean Sea allowing for some amazing sandy beaches and plenty of warm temperate weather that makes it a favourite among holiday goers. Between its many festivals and its large array of attractions which include a giant park that runs through the city is a delight to tour during any time of the year.

Over the last decade the city has been the location of a major renovation the focus of which is the City of Arts and Science which is an architectural triumph by Santiago Calatrava that resembles the opera house of Sydney somewhat and is home to a large array of mini-attractions under its structured beams. The structure itself sits over the old path of the River Turia and is home to an IMAX cinema, Science Museum , Planetarium, Aquarium, and very soon also an Arts Museum allowing it easy to be a two to three day adventure for sight seers.

One of the unique aspects of Valencia is that the city itself is not actually built around the beaches despite its close proximity with most locals and tourists actually spending more time exploring the modern attractions and the historical heritage of the older districts. In fact, while there is a public transit system that allows visitors to easily get to the beaches, most people prefer to explore the city with the beach serving as a side event and something to see only if there is time. It’s this captivation with beauty within the city that has helped keep it vibrant and alive.

One neighbourhood that represents the culture of Valencia quite well is the Barrio del Carmen which is located in the old centre of town and offers a diverse neighbourhood with sights and sounds that seem to abound from every direction. The area offers just about every walk of life and features plenty of unique boutique shops and outdoor cafes where you can sit down and simply soak in the city. It is also one of the most central nightlife districts making it a popular location at all hours of the day and one of the best locations in town for trying paella, the local cuisine flavour.

Plaza del Cedro

Enjoy night life with lots of Bodegas and Tapas bars where you can get typical Spanish dinner for quite good prices.

Those that want a taste of the more traditional Spanish night life instead of the tourist nightlife will want to head over towards the Plaza del Cedro where on the weekends you can find plenty of people enjoying the warm Mediterranean nights talking and drinking into the wee hours of the morning. Guitar playing and casual affairs are also popular out in the Plaza and the overall vibe is laid back and relaxing making it a great place to grab the spirit of choice in the city- Agua de Valencia- and simply relax. To explore beyond the historic city limits, there are plenty of companies offering car hire at Valencia Airport.

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  1. I wanna fly to Valencia and drink all night! How’s that? πŸ™‚

  2. Spain really has a lot of cool places. This is the first time I’ve actually heard of Valencia and I’m loving it already. πŸ™‚

  3. Matt M says:

    I love Valencia in winter – the weather is very mild there and you can escape the dull British climate.

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