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With the drought plaguing the Midwest, and gas prices rising to new highs, food prices at the grocery store have been rising like crazy as well.  Food prices are a direct result of supply (which is currently low), and costs to transport (which is currently very high).  As a result, prices are at seasonally high points and your grocery bill may be taking it hard.  Here are some simple ways to lower your food costs and help your budget.


The biggest way you can save money right now is to use coupons on your next shopping trip.  Almost all grocers accept coupons, and so do most other places that sell groceries (like Target and WalMart, and even some local markets).  You can find coupons almost everywhere – in the paper, in the mail, and even online at places like Net Voucher Codes.  Some grocery stores even allow double coupons to combine for an even better discount.  Just make sure that you are using coupons for things you need, and not buying extra stuff just because you have a coupon.

Store Rewards Programs

The next easiest way to save is to sign up for the store rewards programs that are offered by most national chain grocery stores.  In order to get the best prices at these shops, you usually have to use your store rewards card.  For most of these stores, it is free to sign up, and you can even do it while you’re checking out in line.  So make sure that you sign up to get the best deal possible.

Use The Right Card

Finally, when you do your grocery shopping, make sure that you use the right credit card for your purchase.  Find a credit card that offers rebates or other incentives for grocery shopping.  You can usually find a card that offers at least 1% back on grocery shopping, which is essentially another 1% off your grocery bill.  There are also credit cards, like the Target Credit Card, that offer you 5% off your entire purchase for using it.  Another great way to save.

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