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There is nothing as romantic as spending an evening with your love one somewhere away to a place unlike any other. However, when choosing a place to spend that special moment, whether it is your honeymoon or wedding anniversary, it is best to conduct some thorough research. There are a couple of places across the globe that can be a very good pick. One is Paris. No romantic would not consider going to Paris to have a fine candle-lit dinner. Not only are the historical structures there elegant and breath-taking, but the restaurants there are have great delicacies to offer too.

Another worthwhile location is Dubrovnik. It is located on the southern-most coast of Croatia. Dubrovnik also has a lot to offer romantics. There are beautiful tourist’s spots that couples will find extremely exotic. Monuments of ages-old, baroque-esque palaces and a couple of stunning monasteries are but a few eye-catching sceneries.

There is also Venice. Who would forget the city located just above winding water canals where you can ride a gondola while you tour the whole place? You can also enjoy each other’s company holding each other’s hands as you walk around while appreciating the architecture which surrounds you.

Travel to Venice

Explore The Beauty of Venice!

If you are looking for a place with a more exotic feel to it, then you can travel to the Caribbean islands. You can visit the thirty six square mile sized island called Nevis and spend the night together in converted plantation houses. This is a great experience since it has a unique feel as opposed to the more commercialized places like Jamaica and Barbados. If you are already tired of the usual places that you and your special someone visits, you can always consider booking yourself a flight to one of these great places.

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  1. Matsumoto says:

    Great tips! Just make sure you visit Venice when the water isn’t overflowing or smelly 😀 Summer is the best time to come by…I suggest the Maldives too, it’s like being in Paradise 🙂 happy weekend dear!

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