Taxi Protests – How They Work And What They Achieve

Local Taxi Companies

As local businesses often taxi companies can struggle when it comes to keeping in business throughout the year. Not just because of the recession but sometimes it can come down to rules and regulations. Often when the laws change this can have a negative impact on a taxi hire company. Some companies are specialists in taxi hire from pre bookings but a lot of these companies rely on adhoc bookings as their primary source of business. Recently in major cities such as Bristol and Leicester in the UK rules have been implemented which have caused an uproar amongst taxi companies. Recently Taxi protests have risen, we look at a taxi protest and the outcome.

Cabbies Protest Penalty Points

Taxi drivers in Leicester protested a new Leicester City Council scheme to award experimental penalty points to taxi drivers that park illegally and don’t wear their name badges. Taxi drivers who receive a certain number of penalty points may lose their taxi license. The protesting taxi drivers drove quite slowly through the city centre, bringing traffic to a snail’s pace and annoying pedestrians as well.

Cabbies accrue points for various traffic violations and for refusing to give rides to people for no reason. If a cabbie accumulates 12 penalty points in the course of a year, they will have to be seen by a panel of councilors. This panel will decide whether or not the cabbie loses his or her license.

In protest of the experimental penalty points, about 80 taxi drivers who participated in the Leicester points protest drove from Victory Park to Charles Street very slowly, hampering traffic in the centre of Leicester. The go-slow protest began at 4:30 p.m. and continued on the inner ring road.

Talks Stall

Talks between the mayor of Leicester and the RMT Taxi drivers’ union have stopped. A spokesman for the RMT stated that the protest was created to bring attention to the situation. Taxi drivers in the RMT believe that taxi driver’s licenses are at risk due to the increase of possible points that might be given by breaking the new, stricter rules.

Possible Further Sanctions

On the other hand, the city mayor Sir Peter Soulsby believes the new regulations will prevent dangerous traffic situations and inconvenience for the citizens of Leicester. The mayor further states that there will be no further negotiations between the city and the RMT. He has also suggested sanctions if the RMT taxi drivers put on another protest, and will decide whether or not to put these sanctions into effect on Monday.

The majority of taxi drivers in Leicester did not oppose the new regulations. Only 80 out of 275 taxi drivers participated in the protest. Three protests have taken place so far over the regulations. Whether regulations will change or protests will continue remains yet to be seen whether regulations will change or protests will continue remains yet to be seen. Taxi protests gained attention to the RMT’s dislike of the new regulations. Whether regulations will change or protests will continue remains yet to be seen.

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