The Most Scenic Cycling Destinations in the World

When watching cycling races on television you can’t help but wish you were there. The scenery is always stunning and filled with culture. Use this wish as your inspiration for your next holiday. Why not choose to go for a cycling holiday? The following article lists the most scenic cycling routes around the world. Some of the courses are challenging but this outweighed by the accomplishment.

Scenic Cycling Spots

The Great Ocean Road
This location is in Victoria, Australia. This coastal road may look beautiful and relaxed but don’t let the scenery fool you. This is a challenging 243 kilometre ride on a windy road on Australia’s south-east coast. There is an easier option so you breathe a sigh of relief. There is a 60 kilometre route that starts at Torquay and finishes at Bells Beach. You’ll enjoy the sights of rural farmland and oceans views from cliff tops.

The Karakoram Highway
This is the highest international road in the world, 4,700 meters in altitude. You’ll start in Kashgar, China, and travel up to 1,200 kilometres. The roads are mostly unpaved but the views are spectacular. Cycling will insure you get the time to enjoy your surroundings. Driving will have no tangible experience. The view will be the snow-capped Karakoram Mountains. There are small villages to discover and glaciers reaching the road.

Route of Hiawatha
Load up the family’s bicycles and head to Montana, America, this year for a cycling holiday. This is one of the most disused but scenic roads. This is 24 kilometres of leisure time to spend with your family. The trail takes you over seven trestles and ten tunnels.

Routes des Grand Crus
Of course France is littered with beautiful with beautiful bike trails but alas I have selected one. I have done the hard work for you. There are rolling hills, wooden paths and vineyards. It’s known as the road of great wines. It offers 800 kilometres of pure bliss. Remember to employ yourself control when it comes to the wine and cheese. You don’t ant to make the ride harder on yourself.

Molesworth Road
This trail promises a workout. This is a 320 kilometre ride that requires someone motivated to meet a challenge. It is more than likely that you will have to get off your bike at some point to push. This choice of holiday is all about the reward once completed, the accomplishment. The best moments will be downhill, your eyes will be greeted with countries largest farm. This is an isolated bike route, only open between December 28 and April 1 and usually takes five days to complete.

– Written by Craig Hemsworth

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